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1. The main tasks of the program.

Many children are abandoned by their parents, but when appropriate conditions are created, they can create comfortable conditions, help with treatment, give care and warm feelings that they were deprived of. All this is possible, with competent medical support and funding. What types of disease the fund is fighting:

  • Oncological tumors
  • Complete or partial loss of vision, hearing
  • Pathology of the cardiovascular system

Each case is considered individually. We also provide assistance in the purchase of equipment, equipment and devices.

2. What help we provide.

The charitable background takes responsibility for collecting donations and paying for treatment and rehabilitation courses for children. We also help with acquisition of chairs, beds, carriages, wheelchairs, walkers and exercise machines.

We are very grateful for any help. Now you can help children, make a donation on the foundation’s website in any convenient way. You can also join the volunteer movement – to become a fund volunteer.

Treatment of children with cancer.

Help us spread information about the trust through your social networks. This will help a lot in attracting new volunteers. All the assistance that you provide is exclusively for the payment of treatment and rehabilitation courses for children.

Among us there are a lot of helpful people who are always ready to help – to do a good deed and give the child a chance for a healthy life! Welcome is available to everyone!

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